Once, I got a call from the owner of box39 custom motorcycles workshop and was asked to create an illustration. He didn’t have any idea about the concept of art, only technical details. The only thing he wanted was to have the illustration made in my personal style. And i turned on my imagination!
There are two CNC milling machines installed into workshop’s space and most of the parts are designed and produced right over there. Thinking about the idea I wanted to show this feature, cause it separates box39 from others.
I settled on the idea of a Beaver gnawing a motorcycle rim out of a piece of aluminum. I also added some workshop's custom motorcycles SALI and SERB together with the brand identity to the background. This concept conveyed well the spirit of the workshop and the beaver became a personal mascot of box39.​​​​​​​
Thanks for your attention!
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Photos by Sveti Lukyan
Music by Lent Voler

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